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We've Got Summer's Best Burger!

We've Got Summer's Best Burger!

It's summer, which means the search for the perfect burger is on! Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort's Executive Chef Nikki Newman is serving up a burger that's delighting palates and getting plenty of buzz.

Chef Nikki has introduced our guests to the Sweet Green Chili Burger, a dish that's both a healthier option for Coastal Grill diners and better for the planet. It's inspired by the James Beard Foundation's Blended Burger Project, which challenges chefs to create burgers featuring patties made from a mix of ground beef and chopped mushrooms.

Yes, mushrooms! 

"Burgers and mushrooms are so perfect together anyway," Chef Nikki told the Ventura County Star. "You just start looking for ways to heighten that natural pairing."

For Chef Nikki, heightening the flavor combination starts with a patty made with a blend of 65% grass-fed beef and 35% shiitake and cremini mushrooms. Topped with chipotle honey, green chili cream cheese spread and a crispy onion ring, the result is a burger that's healthier, more environmentally sustainable and, most importantly, delicious.

The Coastal Grill was among the first restaurants in California to unveil a Blended Burger when the project launched last year. 

Want a taste of summer's best burger? You'd better hurry! Chef Nikki's special offering is only available until the end of July. Stop by our Coastal Grill to try the Sweet Green Chili Burger before it's gone and share your foodie pics with the hashtag #BlendedBurgerProject.

If you agree with us that it's the best burger of the summer, visit the Blended Burger Project website to cast your vote for Chef Nikki's eco-friendly culinary creation.